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Cape Coral, FL Vacations
By Caitlin Moore

Though relatively new by most vacation town standards, Cape Coral has definitely gotten the hang of showing people a good time. It was built to serve as a haven for harried folks, and lives and breathes to ensure that stress is forgotten and anxiety is chased away. Cape Coral exists on a privileged stretch of the Gulf coast, is interwoven with roomy canals, and brims with recreation opportunities of all kinds. If you aren’t climbing the walls of your cubicle quite yet, read on for more reasons to stop by for a visit.

This is one of Florida’s fastest growing areas, meaning that there must be something attractive about living here or at least just visiting. Don’t think that this translates to teeming hordes of golfers and retirees all jammed together, however; Cape Coral is Florida’s third largest city geographically, so there’s plenty of room to spread out. Plus, a large number of the houses and condos are second homes owned by out-of-towners, so there is an ever-revolving cast of characters adding their energy to the mix.

Southwest Florida is known for its delightful weather. Sunshine is practically constant, making each day comfortably, beautifully predictable. The summers can be a bit humid and quite rainy, but winters are near-perfect, especially if you’re escaping from a colder, crueler climate. These are the months when it makes the most sense to come on down, as nothing replenishes the body, mind and soul like stealing a few rays of sun when your body least expects it.

Cape Coral boasts some of the best recreation facilities in the state, which is saying a lot considering that Florida is one giant playground. Anything you can imagine, anything you’ve been craving that involves feeling light as a feather while flitting across the water, can be engaged in while you’re here. Jet skiing, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, water tubing, and many more diversions along these lines will have you feeling like a responsibility-free kid again. When you’re packing for Cape Coral, just remember your swimsuit and flip-flops, because these will become your standard, everyday uniform for the duration of the trip.

Intersperse your gulf time with onshore activities to get the full experience of Cape Coral. Golf courses and tennis courts will allow you to burn a few calories without a sense of obligation, and this is just the beginning. Rollerblading, biking, jogging and walking around the area will all further acquaint you with this happy town while recharging your batteries in the healthiest of ways. In other words, staying fit while you’re in Florida will be pretty painless, so come to think of it, try to bring your sneakers as well as your sandals.

Spend some time walking along the shoreline if you have an interest in wildlife. At low tide, you’ll have a good chance of glimpsing manatees and in late afternoons you’ll see birds of all kinds fishing for their dinner. Kayak tours will take you through Matlacha Pass back country and a couple of museums will further enlighten you as to what kinds of flora and fauna inhabit this vibrant habitat. Save a little time for beach-combing, too, as no Florida vacation would be complete without examining a few shells and sand dollars.

Florida is also filled with shopping and dining options, and if you’re interested in day trips you won’t be too far away from Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach or Captiva Island. Those who have the means often are able to step out the door, head to the dock, and hop on a boat for a day of adventure. Life tends to be this easy in all respects here in Cape Coral, so prepare to adjust to a simpler way of being.

Speaking of simple, an excellent and effortless way to add immeasurable benefits to your vacation is to rent a condo or beach house. It’ll take the same amount of time and work that renting a hotel room would, but you’ll end up with something a bit more special. Lots of space, lots of amenities, and so many fabulous properties to choose from will make staking one out a fun experience in itself. Instead of just another boxy, forgettable space you’ll actually end up remembering the unique qualities of your top-notch digs, and if you start planning ahead, you can usually find a good deal, too.

If you’re ready to pack your bags and head south, go online to get things in motion. Peruse the exciting array of Cape Coral FL Vacation Rentals, clear a nice long stretch of days from your calendar, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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